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Published On: Sat, Sep 9th, 2017

ONLF Responds to the rendition of Ogaden activist to Ethiopia

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Statement by Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF):
On September 6, 2017 the minister of information of Somalia read a statement  in which he claimed that ONLF has a relationship with Al-Shabab and was involved in Activities that are endangering the Security of the Somali Republic.
This disinformation exercise by Mr Kheyre’s cabinet was reached  in order to justify the illegal rendition of Mr Abdikarin Sh. Muse an ONLF executive member living in Mogadishu for the last three years.

The decision read by the Minister was based on the so-called agreements between representatives of Galmudug Regional State and puppet administration in Jigjiga (Ogaden) with regards to cooperate in fighting  ONLF and Al-Shabaab. Furthermore, as the Minister stated this decision was intended to safeguard the security and well-being of Somalia and the neighboring states. He also stated that the Cabinet bans any armed group to use Somalia as base to threaten the security of neighboring countries.
ONLF  categorically rejects these accusations regarding relationship with Al-Shabab or engaging in armed activities in or originating from Somalia.   ONLF has never engaged in  or conducted any activity in Somalia that will pose a threat to either the Somali people or their government and as matter of policy doesn’t conduct any military activities outside  the Somali  territory under Ethiopian rule. In fact, ONLF members have been on many occasions killed, detained or handed over to Ethiopian by the regional warlords or Al-Shabab but has never retaliated  against them by choice in order to respect the fabric of Somali Unity and not  to fuel  the already volatile situation in Somalia or to be diverted from its vision and mission.
The continued assertion that ONLF has a relationship with Al-Shabab, which is often TPLF instigated propaganda has no basis in reality. Al-Shabab tried to infiltrate into Ogaden in 2009 and actually killed five ONLF fighters who were not aware of their presence close to the Somalia border. ONLF sent a message to them ordering them to leave the Ogaden immediately. They refused and attacked the Ogaden Liberation Army which forced them out of the territory and ever since has been keeping them from re-entering it. Subsequently AL-Shabab decided to kill every ONLF member they found in Somalia. ONLF’s former Defence Secretary Mr Illias Sh. Ali, three central committee members and scores of senior and junior officers summarily executed by Al-Shabab.
In addition, ONLF always supported the fledging transitional governments in Somalia and persuading those it had influence on to be always on the side of the Somali government. ONLF has congratulated all presidents during the transitional period since 1991 including the current president.

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