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Published On: Sun, Nov 12th, 2017

Peace is the Sign of Somaliland’s development and Prosperity

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Somaliland’s election is approaching us very soon. For the last few months, every candidate and his supporters have done a great and restless work, campaigning all throughout Somaliland cities. As we know, next week marks the presidential Election Day in Somaliland. Our constitution tells us

every one of Somaliland’s Citizen has the right to vote. I believe this is very important for all Somaliland citizens, the freedom and right to vote is among us and we must seize this opportunity. Three political parties and three candidates are key stakeholders in the Somaliland election. Candidates standing for office are affiliated with political parties which both define a candidate’s ideology and policy position. Reflecting on a list of issues.

with which the electorate can identify, based upon a political party platform and their priorities for issues, the candidate’s election is about making promises to the public and resolving these issues that they want to tackle.

My recommendation for Somaliland citizens, is for you to watch and listen to all candidates and understand each special plan they have for our people. You have to study, analyze and then vote for whoever is best. Somaliland’s problems can be fixed with a good leader, some main issues include high inflation rate, high unemployment rate, international communities do not recognize our country, many younger people leave our country in order to get a job and good life in foreign countries, and many of them died during their journey, and more. Therefore, I recommend to all Somaliland voters, think about who will solve our problems. As everyone of you know, peace is key for the development of this country. All the activities of the country run smoothly in the situation of peace during Somaliland election. Peace is the sign of development and prosperity. Peace is the mother of civilization and war is the demon of destruction. Civilization and development cannot progress if there is no peace in the country. Somaliland’s people want peace and I hope on Election Day, people will vote and a just leader will emerge.

As we know, Somaliland is a rich country in many sectors and I believe if you choose the right person he will solve Somaliland economic problems during his term. Hopefully, Somaliland will get international communities recognized, if he choose the right team with knowledge. This is not an easy job, but he can change many things in the country.

Somaliland people are great people, we are naturally very traditional and take pride in our country. Our key is to always respect and listen to our elders’ advice, because Somaliland does not have a major democracy system like Western style.


Therefore, a peaceful election in Somaliland has implications to the advancements of democracy in an African country. Transparent elections will strengthen the country’s leadership role in the continent, both as an example of successfully resolving conflicts and as a stalwart against undemocratic transitions as Somaliland governments and Somaliland elders did many times.

Finally, Somaliland deserves increased support from the international community. The international community should increase support for the new Somaliland government in its efforts to eradicate Somaliland problems. With improved government and security, Somaliland should be an ideal recipient of increased foreign direct investment flows: thus, the election may open opportunities for many countries firms to increase investment in Somaliland and Somaliland get recognized from international community.

Ali A. Hori, M.Ed,

San Diego, CA


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