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Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2016

President, whichever Electoral Decision you Make Your Legacy is at Stake!

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As The president of Somaliland nears the wee hours of his Guurti controversial extended tenure, a quagmire of gigantic magnitude is glaring him in the face.


Though two options, both damaging existing, they all emanate from the issue of presidential and parliamentary elections slated for Somaliland in March of 2017.

One is the contented distribution of parliamentary seats, which some regions are of the opinions  that allocation is not equitable.

The second is the matter as relates to the simultaneous balloting for president and House of Representatives, which are per law usually held separately, but in which he, president Silanyo made a deal with the same legislators to hold together during the run-up to the mid 2010 elections that brought him to office.

The first presidential quagmire emanated after the three political parties of Kulmiye, UCID and Wadani failed to agree on how to equitable distribute the seats during discussion sessions that had the civil society organizations of SONSAF and APD in attendance, resulting in the politicians differing the decision to the executive, so far unattended, not to mention the pending amendments to election law.

This Dilly dallying discernibly a ploy for continued occupation of office has reared an ugly head in the form of an alleged impossibility in holding presidential and parliamentary elections simultaneously as arranged thence the imperatives of reverting back to concurrence arrange,wants and subsequent tenure extension for the both branches of government.

According to Geeska sources the International community shall not take lightly any to neither further election delays nor tenure extensions, and neither shall regional leaders accept elections devoid of a decisive and conducive decision on equitable distribution of seats.

So for president Silanyo who entire political career and legacy is hanging on a thin line the options open to him and attendant repercussions are.

1. Equitably distribute parliamentary seats regionally, and in the path extend the tenure of both branches more so that of the 11 years in office, legislature than an unprecedented diplomatic fallout with democratization, humanitarian and Development stakeholders within the wider international community shall be as promised the result.

2. Proceed with the March 28th 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections as arranged, then a major political fallout shall result making the country not only governable but most fearful insecure.

For the politically experienced Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo, known to detest condemnations the country, it’s democratization process, security, equitable power and cake sharing as well as external relations depend on the options you decide to embark on be it

I. Play fair and distribute parliamentary seats equitably thence an all inclusive society

II. Postpone elections and re-extend your tenure for another two years or

III. Hold presidential and parliamentary elections as slated on 28th March 2017

But Mr president remember, that whichever decision you opt for, the repercussions are in the menu. Mr. president Somalilanders are ready free, fair and timely elections parliamentary and presidential. People are not ready delay and another extensions.


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