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Published On: Mon, Jan 11th, 2016

Somaliland: Health Issue

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Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity or Health is the state of being free from illness.

After we made researches for public health places in our country we realized the health problem faced our societies; Because of lack of health care, professional doctors, hospitals and in the absence of central government,our Somalisociety doesn’t have:


Good physical condition,




Fitness well being,




Good trim


Good shape, fine fettle,


Good kilter, robustness, and strength.




And as we found after our long research all over the country, the common diseases causes of morbidity and mortality are:

1) Diarrheal disease, including cholera;

2) Tuberculosis;

3) Malaria, which affects mainly pregnant women and children under five; and

4) Measles.

There have been no confirmed polio cases in Somaliland since 2002.

However, this significant achievement needs to be sustained throughout 2005 via repeated special immunization activates strengthened routine immunization, and improved surveillance.

5) Nutrition: as result of internal displacement and drought, food insecurity, poor feeding practices, and health problems, Somaliland continues to suffer sustained high malnutrition rates.

And alsothereare four basic categories health problems faced our society and as we classified them are:

1. Infectious diseases; the biggest problems in Africa as whole.Somaliland has several recent out breaks and epidemics of easily preventable diseases like dengue, fever, cholera, and is experiencing also many endemic diseases like Malaria,TB,AIDS, ENT infections, reparatory and gastrointestinal infections. These diseases spread easily and effectively whenever possible means are found.

2. Non-communicable diseases; the second major health problem Somaliland is suffering from. Diseases like gastric ulcer, renal diseases, hepatic diseases, diabetes, hypertension, different types of cancer and others are universally affecting or population, especially old age group, and you can hardly find a family without all these diseases.


These diseases are lacking minimal care and diagnostic techniques which makes hard to detect them early or even correctly diagnose them.

3 Disabilities due to accidents, wars, etc;, as there is no security and safe environment for any one, people with gun shots and disabilities due to car accidents and plumb explosions are easily seen when you walk in the streets. Because of hazards and in security of Somaliland, wars political, and tribal conflicts can explode any moment leaving many victims either dead or injured. Furthermore, the unpaved


Roads, old vehicles, less experienced drivers, and over packing of passengers cause accidents on daily basis leaving a respectable number of moralities and morbidities all over the country.

4. Health problems due to ignorance and malpractice;the ignorance of people accounts for many problems like using false drugs, neglecting serious illness, late visits to hospitals after the diseases has already progressed to late stage, going wrongly to the herbal and traditional healers who make the problem even worse.


After we seen these situation of our society; as a degree developmental studies student in Amoud university we determined to establish a project for health and we understand that it is essential to make this project In order to safe our society.

Our development organization has discussed how we could make a good project for health?


And long discussion after, we agreed for these coming articles:


  1. First of allour society needs to be noticed and orientated.


2.Its importance to have a government role to find a good finance to manage our project.


  1. We have to gain a suitable place, hospital, good medicine and modern technology for the project.


  1. Weneed to find a public awareness and professional trainers run this project.


  1. Last but not least,it is essential to have careful plans and priority based long term schedule and wait for the coming sessions to know this can be achieved.


  1. Finally, we must understand to have right people, at the right place, in the right time.


After achieving all these articles we have to able to:


  • control sanitations.-


Reduce the risk of harm from health care services by using evidence-based research and technology to promote the delivery of the best possible care;

Transforms the practice of health care to achieve wider access to effective services and reduce unnecessary health care costs;  and

Improves health care outcomes by encouraging providers, consumers, and patients to use evidence-based information to make informed treatment decisions.

  • Reduce the cost of medical care for patients enrolled in our Action for Health program.


  • Operational zed the prescription process, ensuring patients get the most effective treatments at an affordable price.


  • Increased transparency, educating patients on what services are available at the clinic and what the standard price is.


  • Improved bedside manner and patient entry systems, helping clinic staff communicate more clearly and sympathetically with patients, improving the patient experience and encouraging future health-seeking behavior.


For instant, health care quality is getting the right care to the right patient at the right time – every time.


There are three basic dimensions to this: structure, process, and outcome. Structure represents the basic characteristics of physicians, hospitals, other professionals, and other facilities. It describes whether there are well-educated health professionals, appropriate hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics, as well as well-maintained medical records and good mechanisms for communication between clinicians. For example: Is the mammography equipment up to date and maintained properly? Are the cardiologists well-trained and board certified?


If the structure is solid, we can concern ourselves with the process of medical care. Concern for process suggests that quality is determined not just by having the right people and facilities available, but also by having the right things get done in the right way. Process includes questions like: Was the mammogram done for a woman at risk for breast cancer? Was the heart attack treated in the most up-to-date manner?


The third dimension, outcome, reflects the end result of care. Did people get better? What was the risk-adjusted mortality rate? Was disease or disability reduced or prevented? Was it reduced as much as it could have been, given what we know is scientifically possible? We need to be able to measure the outcomes of care so that we know which types of care really help patients and so that we can look to instances of poor outcome for opportunities for improvement.


Together, these components are the foundation of providing care that is consistently safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered.




Way for ward community and government




As a professional developmental studies student, we would be counseling our government this articles:


  1. To pay suitable education and high advanced curriculum for health science students.


  1. To enhance the quality of professional doctors and their professional skills.


  1. Building high qualified hospitals and bringing a modern advanced technology both ruler and urban areas.


4.To bring good medicine not expired.


  1. Paying protection and preventing coming diseases.


  1. Providing health care and reducing health care costs.


  1. To make every village group of people who are keeping sanitation.


  1. Helping health financial which pays through health care.


  1. Increasing the number of doctors every year.


  1. Knowing both urban and ruler areas their health situations.


Alla mahad leh

Suleiman Sandhere


Student a: Amoud University


Bachelor of Social; Development of study






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    That’s good advice about our Health in Somaliland

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