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Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

Who is the next president that will acquire the hearts of Somaliland people

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’ Human being  is a social , this means that he likes to live  as groups , this  unique  character makes him different from  the other creations  such as animals  so  every community who live whit   in  same habitat  or a  place  some kind of leadership will arise  who will be bad or good  to his society  these leaders that  we  have mentioned  behaves in different systems,   the ruling methods  are different from society  to  community since the cultures  of people around the world , some of the following leadership will found :                                                                                                  A harsh   leader who frightens everyone who don’t follow   his orders this leadership is  called ‘’ dictatorship ‘’ because he enforces people to his  orders or commands . a leader  who consent people before he reaches  the  decision , he shows the people the things that needs to do   this kind of leadership rules  the people in a credible system , also  the  council of  elders  who built  a credible system  , a group  of elders will  reach  the  decision after consultation. Since the formation of districts  and towns  people  have  a rulers  who have a different  names such as  chiefs , kingdoms   among these   have been a hereditary , so  in Somaliland  which is used to rule  democratic system  every five year is  held  elections   participated by  every citizens who live in this nation. mainly this  elections  are aimed  to choose  the leader of the nation , who lead them  in prosperity  and peace life, however Somaliland  which  is  self  proclaimed  state have been held until now  three elections    that the people voted  widely   despite this , Somaliland  people have to advise  their future  and elect  appropriate leader  who lead this nation towards the development and the prosperity , but  unfortunately  due to the impacts  of civil wars  people are still  adopting methods  based on clanssism  that they use to choose for their leadership but as the times goes  people  are transferring from tribalism  to democratic  rule and  this is something to be pleasure for ,  as the  cultural leaders  have been characterized , by  civil wars , destruction n  and chaos  anyway  I will shed on light  in here  for the leadership that somaliland  people  have  to choose who  in turn  will be the  leader   who shapes  the  future  of thousands of Somaliland  peoples

Optimistic leader :  as we  aware  the seven years  that the kulmiye party  have been  held  the power,  people  have  due to the harsh  problems they encountered during his reign , so they  disappointed  because  prior before the onset of elections,  president  had  made several  promises  that he will do when  he will  take over the  throne  but all  these  have been                             Lied , kulmiye  have been looted  all the  public  property in  regardless  to left  for  a little,  this what  brings  for  the people to be  inconvenient, or believe   to  the presidential candidates , so people  needs optimistic  speeches  that will promote  their   deadly  hopeful  , a

Motivated leader   what we need  is to visualize our  future from  small opening ,  and  encourage  us to try  another  turn  after  we  fail  the  first.  Our  role  for  this  kind  of  leadership  is  to listen  them  during their  speech  and to estimate  the words  they  are using  whether they are  acceptable

Have an  Influencing to  others :  a good  leader  have an influence  to others  either   his  speech or  his  actions , it is the  a feature that can be  identify  to leader  to   make  angry for the   others because , people  are  different towards the  way they are thinking ,  however  have  to be an influence to others

author : abdirask Hassan ali


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