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Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017

Somalia Regains the control of its airspace from ICAO

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Somalia has announced that it has regained the control of its airspace which has not been under the control of the government for more than two decades. Ministry of Air and Land Transport of Somalia Mr Mohamed Abdulahi Salad agreed with the International Civil Aviation Organisation to handle over the control of the airspace to the Somali government.

Mohamed Abdulahi Salad, the Minister said that Somali government achieved to return the control airspace by itself,describing the importance to have systematic plan to manage it well.

The Minister has announced that Somalia is now in control of its air space after two decades which was manage by ICAO. “The Somali Government now controls the airspace, Mogadishu Internal Airport functions day and night, this is a success”, Mr. Salad said.

Somaliland which was engaged in talks with Somalia government has not so far spoken of Somalia which assumed control of its airspace. The two sides which met in Turkey discussed issues pertaining to the air space administration.The two sides agreed to jointly administer the airspace control.

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