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Published On: Thu, Oct 20th, 2016

Female detainees sexually attacked in prison

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Four female detainees have been been raped, beaten and starved by male guards in a Somaliland prison. Demand their safety now.

Somaliland is a self-declared state within Somalia. It’s notorious Gabiley prison is not a safe place for anyone, particularly the women who are living in constant fear of violent attacks by male guards.

Four women have spoken out about the rape, torture, beatings, and even the deprivation of food for as long as four days.

These women feel completely powerless to stop the attacks. Making a formal complaint often leads to more violence and more pain. Even the female staff are afraid to speak out for fear of reprisals.

This needs to end now. Join our call on Somaliland authorities to end the violence and protect all women in detention immediately.

Dear Minister,

I call on you to order an immediate impartial investigation into allegations of rape, other sexual violence, and other forms of torture and ill treatment of female detainees at Gabiley prison. Those found responsible must be suspended and prosecuted in fair trials.

Immediate steps need to be taken to enhance female detainees’ security at Gabiley Prison to prevent further sexual violence and other forms of torture and ill-treatment, including by ensuring that all contact with female detainees is done either by or under the supervision of female staff.

Anyone who reports any incident of sexual violence and other forms of torture or ill-treatment must be protected from reprisals.


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  1. The terrible ordeal and dehumanization of female prisoners in what Amnesty called “the notorious Gabiley jail”,is at best a cheap gossip and a classless telltale propaganda perhaps to sow vicious seeds of mistrust and doubt in the serene minds of the model citizens of the city against their well functioning governance.Amnesty what ever it is,lacks the source and authenticity of the commentary item not to mention the failure of Somaliland Informer’s practice of the most basic and rudimentary reporting/journalistic professional code of ethics standards.Having said that,I feel for any women mistreated in anyway which represents to me as an intolerable and deplorable act that needs to stop now.Somaliland Informer needs to realise that no news is better than false news.

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