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Published On: Sat, Jan 28th, 2017

Int’l Partners Does not Command Somaliland or Got Any Legitimate Rights in its Goverance

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By: Aden Deq

The international partners to Somaliland always don’t seem to understand that when it comes to our elections any reached decisions is legitimately ours not any other foreign entities but Somaliland government’s.

The statement by the international partners on the postponement of the presidential ans local elections wasn’t written in a diplomatic way nor has it an appropriate approach to Somaliland government’s and its people because the international partners were commanding us by ordering us as well that we got no rights to take such decisions and postponement.

Your disappointments and disatisfactions aren’t Somaliland priorities but our people’s are and as it has been clearly expressed by our president we are a free nation who freely excerses its free wills as it sees fit with out being dictated how to lead its own internal affairs or awaits any affirmative directives.

For the past 25 years this country has stood by its self with out any recognition just because of your lack of engagements because we only own our dignified Sovereignty. This nation and its people can’t be puppets and the leadership of Somaliland belongs Somaliland only and if the basic human rights of our nations isn’t respected, supported and honoured by the international partners then it suffices to say and tell you that we don’t need hypocrites as partners with double standards who always highly supports Southern Somalia trying to throw out Somaliland off a cliff. If our peaceful governance is unpleasant and irritates you please keep all your statements to yourselves because it has nothing to do with democracy and good governance and stop insulting us with your lame statement concerns.

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  1. Michael says:

    Fine. And what about the money, millions of dollars and euros Somaliland receives regularly on an annual basis? Should we take that with us too? Don’t beg for money if you are not ready to accept some accountability for it; nothing comes for free. If you beg for election support funds, get 14 million dollars for that, and then continue with never-ending election delaying – you should expect and accept your donor’s reaction. Accountability comes with money, at least in our countries. When you take the money from Somaliland’s people, you can maybe count on no-questions-asked policy. But not with us.

    • Gobaad says:

      FYI we, Somalilanders, are known law-abiding, very proud, and dignified people. Begging, defrauding, or corruption is not in our blood. From I understand, we did not beg for the very few dollars/euros that International Community supports Somaliland’s democratization and good governance by their free own will. And that do not give you the rights to stick your nose in our International Affairs. We will delay, halt if the need arises until farther notice if we please or hold our election any time we want: this year, next year or even the year after and it is none of your bloody business. You can take your democratization with you because that will give a way for our Islamic Sharia.

      Nobody can dictate on us, what to do and what not to do. You can also take your small amount Euros and shove it!

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