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Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2017

Presidential Advisor Lauds Somaliland granting military base to the UAE

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HARGEISA– Presidential advisor on Somaliland’s quest for recognition, Hon. Husein Ali Du’ale has lauded the grant of UAE military air base in Somaliland. The advisor has called on Somaliland politicians not to raise similar sentiments made by Somalia politicians who strongly opposed the base.He said that we should avoid politicising development projects in Somaliland and asserted that both the government and the opposition must welcome the base.He urged the public to use the common sense that the base will bring progress to Somaliland.Mr. Awil has stated that Somaliland is not the only state that granted military base to a foreign country.He called on the public to rally behind the government when it comes to bringing development projects in Somaliland.He appealed the public as well as politicians not to have similar views expressed by politicians in Somalia who are opposed when it comes to such achievements.



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