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Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2018

Puntland President accuses Somaliland of supporting terrorist groups

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The President of Puntland, Hon. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas has talked about Somaliland’s armed forces which took control of Tukaraq town. The President has made the remarks in a press conference held in the presidential palace in Garowe on Tuesday. Mr. Abdiweli said that Somaliland coincided the military assault when the president of Somalia is paying an official visit to Puntland since his he was elected to office. He stated that the attack is impediment to the peace process in Somalia. The President has clearly accused Somaliland authority of harboring and supporting Al Shabab and Da’ish. The President blamed that the assault is a support to terrorist and extremist organizations. Mr. Gaas has urged Puntland populace to shed blood for defending Puntland at any cost and sent stern warning to the international community and Somalia’s government that Somaliland will be held responsible for the outcome. The president has pointed out that the assault is a clear violation of Puntland’s territorial integrity and added that it won’t tolerate such destabilization and Somaliland’s meddling of its peace.



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  1. Gobaad says:

    Abdiweli “Candho” is crying wolf! Who is violating whose territorial integrity and who is the aggressor here? Puntland!

    Somaliland is a peace loving country. We have no interest in other countries borders, but make no mistake, we have the right to vigorously defend our borders and territorial integrity from infiltrators like Somalia conspirators whose delusion and misguided mentality still make them think that they have jurisdiction over Somaliland, even after Somaliland reverted back to its own sovereignty and statehood 27 years ago. What a phantom-limb mentality!

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