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Published On: Wed, Jul 15th, 2015

SL: Unscrupulous Chemists Selling Poisonous Medicine to Unsuspecting Public

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HARGEISA-Where in the world is medicine manufactured in April 2016 is circulating in 2015? Find out. These days there has been pictures going round Hargeisa and in the social media of tablets of medicine whose packet has been clearly printed on them (MFG. DT.04/16) and (EXP.DT.03/18)

which have been imported from abroad. This has made chill run down the spines of patients in Somaliland at the same time put the government of Somaliland on the spot light for not regulating this sector which is prone to abuse by the many devious people operating in her midst.
A photo shoots recently taken by a Somaliland citizen has struck terror on members of the public particularly women who mostly throng these unregulated pharmacies that have mushroomed all over Hargeisa like wildfire.
According to reports about this news circulation in social media sites in the internet is chilling as it purports the drugs were manufactured in April 2016 which has not reached whereas we are in July 2015.
It is heart wrenching and shocking for people to import such venomous drugs into the country proudly advertising in TV commercials that these medicines come from European countries as these nations have strict regulation and tight control on whatever reaches consumers are thoroughly inspected to ascertain their quality.
In importer of the suspect medicine is yet to be identified as most of the medicine had no clear label or names christened on them. This incident put Somaliland citizens’ health in jeopardy thus the ministry of health in conjunction with the quality control department should work together for the common good of public health safety by reigning in on these merchants of death.


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