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Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

SOLJA calls on govt to respect Press Law

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HARGEISA— Somaliland Journalists Association chairman, Mohamoud Abdi Jama has called on the govt not to dismantle the press law and must not see the media practising journalists as foes to the nation. He warned with the strongest possible terms of the govt not to take the law on their hands but if there is any complaint that they must take the matter to the legal courts. In meeting brought together by senior members of SOLJA¬†discussed the media situation in Somaliland.

  1. They agreed that registration of all journalists will begin and provide them with press cards.
  2. SOLJA will make possible for local journalists to earn a diploma that will enhance educational level.
  3. It was agreed to form a committee that will review Somaliland press law to address its concerns.
  4. SOLJA calls on the supreme court chairman of opening a debate on the press law for an amendment. The law stipulates that journalists that break the ethical journalism should be tried on the basis of civil law which the govt refuses to comply with.
  5. SOLJA demands from the govt to implement its promise in which it said it will create Media training center for journalists.
  6. It was agreed to double gallant effort of SOLJA in protecting and promoting the rights of journalists.


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