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Published On: Thu, Aug 31st, 2017

Somalia President to Open talks with Somaliland

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The President of Somalia, Hon.Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo once again reiterated that he is ready to open fruitful talks with Somaliland. Mr. Farmajo has said that his main priority is search for the unity of robust Somalia.

Somalia president made the remarks at state run RadioMogadishu on Wednesday and said that his first plan is to work on the confederation of Somalia. He asserted that his administration will open direct talks with Somaliland as to bridge the gap between the two communities. Mr. Farmajo reiterated that he will do whatever Somaliland needs to come back to the unity even if its losing his presidency. He urged that politicians must do a compromise and added that he stepped down as a gesture of compromise as the former Somalia prime minister. Somalia and Somaliland opened talks in 2012 although the Heads of States met and committees from both sides met in the talks but failed to come up with tangible results. Somaliland broke away from Somalia in 1991.



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  1. Gobaad says:

    Riyo! Somaliland is not interested in Somalia’s Presidency, whose president controls Villa Somalia and his people are scattered around the world with half a million refugees in Kenya.

    Compromise! You must be kidding. What are you compromising when you have nothing to offer Somaliland? Adeero wax ma kuu sheegaa, aan isu du’ayno sidaasay sharaftu ku jirtaaye! And let us build a good neighborhood fences and live in peace. It is better than … ijiid aan ku jiidee!

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