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Published On: Mon, Sep 11th, 2017

Somaliland: NEC to announce Total registered voters nationwide

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Somaliland’s Electoral Commission held discussions with the bi-cameral legislature speakers.

The First Deputy Speaker of Somaliland’s Lower House of parliament, Hon. Ahmed Yasin Sheikh Ali Ayanle, who was recently elected to the speakership after his predecessor was also chosen as the house speaker. The Second Deputy Lower House of parliament, Hon. Ali Yusuf, the deputy speaker of Upper House, Said Jama Ali and the Seven Members of the Electoral Commission were in attendance of the talks. Ms. Kaltun Sheikh Hasan has presented NEC achievements so far before the November presidential polls.

She said that NEC successfully launched pilot voter Identity registration plan in 2015 whereby NEC made sure that before Voter Registration was about to be conducted that the right procedure would be come and is applicable to the country. NEC said that it conducted Iris Biometric Voter Registration in all regions in Somaliland on 16th of Jan. 2016 and was concluded in September 2016. It is officially announced that  the total number of voters nationwide registered with the Election Commission (EC) stands at 873,000. It is  further confirmed having printed all ID Voter Registered cards once it discarded all double registered ID’s.  Somaliland National Electoral Commission has said this latest figure represented the number that will be put into the latest electoral roll.

It has been asserted that ID Voter Cards distribution was launched on 29th April 2017 and lasted until 3rd 2017, whereby NEC has gone to all voter registration centers in nationwide. The biggest achievements made by NEC include the successful completion of Iris Based ID registration process across the nation. The voter registration is based on online according to NEC.

National Commission stated that it conducted voter registration i Taleh region for the first time in the history of Somaliland. The process which is so far deemed success according to NEC, it is announced that it has no room for voter rigging, stealing or any fraud. NEC has assured that all ballot papers and boxes will arrive in the country soon, and will announce the three presidential contenders before 45 days once election is about to be held.It will announce by fixing dates for the national parties to kick off presidential election campaigns It will also organize NEC staffers.



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