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Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2017

Somaliland Waiting to Elect Musa Bihi

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Somaliland people have a great dream that one day this nation’s will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. Somaliland needs hope and not hope for bread and butter but hope for real change, change that will transform the lives of all individuals. Our democracy is a democratic. People are falling in despair and the young are devoid of hope. Tomorrow Somaliland will be better then today.

What we see a lot of achievement that this current government achieved in small period of time. 

Somaliland made a lot of changes in economic policies and social policies. Somalilanders have a dream too…a dream that one hopes will see us through life in Somaliland, a dream that will answer the questions the poor have about their own lives, and the life of their own country. Elections are coming and the current our government led by KULMIYE party we should think again who we trust? We trust the people whom day and night bring achievement to this country such as kulmiye or waddani opposition party who don’t have platform or policy?!.

More Somalilanders think of them self as a proud nation and I’m certain that I may be thought of as positive and despondent and if correctly assumed I am, it is because of the current government. We lucky now that we have the right candidate and will seal the ship to the promise land. I believe a way of democracy if we vote for the real deal man. All we need is a democratic vote to keep going to the right bath. We have clearly happy as a nation under the current president AXMED SILAANYO. Change needs to be effected. Somalilanders are really supporting the campaign of chairman of KULMIYE party H.E MUSE BIHI ABDI.


By Khadar Ibrahim


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