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Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

Somaliland:The Thirteen Strategies that Kept Kulmiye on Track: Unlucky number

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Recently a study was organized and conducted in Somaliland with focus on Kulmiye’s leadership and strategic maneuvers to preserve power. The study found that the party has laid out several strategies that were systematic and smart. Dozen

1.      Engaging the outer clans:

Very significant effort was placed to ensure that government representatives from the outer clans are of very superficial in skills and have limited mastering in politics and political dynamics. The party succeeded to deploy these characters throughout the regions of Somaliland. These figures never show up any critics whatsoever and are not known with any opposing or negative attitude at all. Loyalty matters as far as selfishness dictates.

2.      Alluring the wealthy and the big merchants:

This strategy has been very effective for the party not only inside Somalia but even outside. It enabled the party to control and retain the financial power. The study found that the merchants are satisfied with their profit since Kulmiye took over and are strongly determined to keep their full support with the intention to keep the party in power with whatever is necessary, be it muscle or material. Very significant achievements have been made with regards to this important strategy

3.      Inundate ill-fated and unproductive projects with the community:

Embarking on empty noises and drumming with deep emotions and compassion, Somali-landers were overwhelmed with projects and plans. Less has been attained so far with low cost-effectiveness and with an eternal hope. However, the strategy was effective in a way that it sensitized the people who started jubilations compounded with songs like culimadu digra-ma daayaaaneey”. Spiritual leaders and the mullahs never abandon their rituals. These widespread projects are launched in every village and districts with no whatsoever with quality and sustainability but preferred to let it go! Until today, the misled community believes that significant progress was made on those projects albeit unaware of existing facts.

4.      Focus on the diaspora:

The purpose of this strategy was to show virtual image of the administration efforts towards recognition but with a different motive. The key objective was to create kind of Somali-land noises in the outside world by using young people who grew up in these target countries and who speaks local language perfectly to get closer to local governments, districts commissioners and others and enlighten them about Somaliland.

5.      The special care and protection for the house of Guurti:

This has been a very tactical move and has yielded a lot for the party since it came to power. However, it has been an extremely corrupt framework surrounded by embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds. The Guurti house enjoys usually unprecedented support among the Somali-landers because of obvious reasons. At times, the society shows fear of curse and cannot criticize the house of the elderly and the red-bearded guys. Others see the house as the source of peace and security and their mistakes and abuses of public funds can be forgiven. This house is well-known for its support to government’s either legal or illegal decisions.

6.      Upgrading the tuulos and villages to higher administrative levels:

The study spent time and effort to find out the objectives behind this particular strategy and found that the practice before Kulmiye was mainly based on bigger clan’s demands but Kulmiye transformed the policy into subclans and very smaller, “family-based” structures. When such decisions for nominating new districts are made, no criterion neither people, nor livestock or natural wealth is considered. But the administration is solely determined to satisfy anyone supporting their government and leadership. If approached or not, it advises the groups or sub-clans to look for a free area. Many are wondering who and where investments will come from to build so many administrative divisions.

7.      Be part of every graduation from Quranic Madrasa to the Universities:

Another smart move where the study found that Kulmiye administration intentionally participate these events. With its hidden agenda, it misleads the society to belief that the administration is highly committed to education and knowledge. Notwithstanding the graduation values, it sends the second or third high level in command to witness and give closing remarks on behalf of the government. It is widely believed that this strategy will have very devastating effects on the future of this country. The Locust is gone but left behind with a detrimental effect. So many engineers, doctors, professors, lawyers, religious scholars, pilots, executive managers, and economists are out there.

8.      Frequent government reshuffle:

The study unveiled that Somaliland reshuffle is three times more than the international standard for state governments to restructure. This strategy has been compared with a traditional practice on caring the camels or cattle. The camel herders prepare drinking water for their animals on case by case basis because the source of the water is limited. In many situations, the administration is threatened verbally and sometimes with an armed rebellion. This approach benefits by far the Daroods who possess five legs, scattered all over.

9.      Deployment of RRU to act with fire and fury:

The study carefully analyzed the purpose of this strategy and found that it has been one of the instruments for indirect oppression by using an iron hand with no mercy at all. This unit is treated well, especially in the area of drugs and stimulants so that they don’t feel exhaustion. They are intoxicated with Khat and tablets, red-eyed and furious like the north-American wolves. Virtually they are bullet proof and respond within space of minutes.

10.   Controlling the law and legislation including executive judiciary court:

It has been found that always this administration was playing behind the scene as far as the judiciary system of this unrecognized nation. The study found that this administration has immensely profited from the judiciary market. It denied the rights of the courts and always kept under their influence. Many believe that the high court has never been independent and has never operated freely.

11.  Entering into external agreements:

The study was looking all the key government interventions that helped them attain their strategic objectives. For instance, it examined the agreements with Emirates, with Gas and Oil companies, with tourism etc. This has clearly misled the people at large who believe that the administration attracted so many to invest the country. Therefore, this strategy has worked well and its objectives have been achieved. With respect fiscal issues associated with these agreements, Somali-landers are not aware and there has never been any transparency at all.

12.  Media relationship and control:

The study looked at how far the media exercise freedom in reporting, to what extend the administration interferes and how often journalist and reporters are threatened and or imprisoned. The study found that Somali-land mistreats the media four times more as compared to international norms.

13.  The national electoral commission (NEC);

The outcome was quite interesting that Kulmiye administration will be doomed to death if it continues the way it is now engaged with the commission. In a nutshell, there are quite significant inappropriate actions including the application of illegal remuneration to the members of the commission.

Askar o. Amir

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