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Published On: Wed, Sep 2nd, 2015

UAE accepts Somaliland passport


DUBAI– The United Arab Emirates have accepted citizens traveling with Somaliland passport can enter into her country and further allowed that the UAE can issue visas with Somaliland travel documents.

First, people who will be allowed to travel to the UAE are those holding Somaliland diplomatic passport in the first place. Second, business people are permitted to go the UAE with Somaliland passport. Third, anyone holding with Somaliland passport can travel to the UAE.

Reports confirm that this has been facilitated by FlyDubai airways which has recently started direct flights to Somaliland. This is an important diplomatic step taken in the right direction. The UAE has banned people traveling with Somali passport cannot enter into her country.

Citizens with Somaliland travel document can go to the following countries:-

1- South Africa

2- Ethiopia

3- Djibouti

4- Belgium

5- United Kingdom

6 – France

7- South Sudan

8- Kenya

Somaliland is a broke away republic that seceded from Somalia in 1991 but it has not been recognized.

Turkey, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya have diplomatic office in Hargeisa.


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  1. Yousuf Godir says:

    If this functions, it means opening a new front (Arab world), others will suit and of course “ku quuso qudhaanjo.”

  2. Yusuf guleed says:

    İf this report is true, then it is a great disservice to the aspirations of unity and restoration of former glory to the great Somali people. Also, if one thinks this as step forward, indeed it is, to an abyss.

  3. My home says:

    Great news, this is a step forward for Somaliland and its people.
    Your dream of greater Somalia has long dead with presedent Abdi Rashid and Siyad Bare and Darodsm have destroy that hope.
    In the case of my Somaliland we are back to basics to build a nation, county, people and culture that we lost for over 30.

  4. […] a society that the world has deliberately cast aside: the Somaliland passport is recognized in just eight countries and the odds of being granted a visa are dismally […]

  5. Mahamd says:

    if your could travel with somaliland passport to UK BELGIUM OR FRANCE no one would be in hargeisa this is shit fake and stupid information get lost

    • Yusuf says:

      Somali land young generations are dying Sahara between Sudan and libia and they telling us Somaliland passports holders can travell visa free to France uk Belgium kkkk what a shameless report Somalia will never give you divorce lttr hargaysaan

  6. Mr Malow says:

    This is false UAE can accept tribesmen passport? Stop the propaganda and live with the reality.the world will never eccapt iidoor ideology,because Northern party of Somalia are living other tribes none of them don’t want to separate from Somalia.this tribesmen agenda and will never work.

  7. Gobaad says:

    Xaasidnimada iska daaya, xadhigaad qabsataanba idiin go’ye!
    2ndly anybody who doesn’t like Somaliland or Somaliland’s existence and progress should jump in the lake or just take your blood make-shift Buul-caws and take a hike! Because Somaliland is for Somalilanders who love Somaliland. Long live Somaliland and death and destruction to those who hate and bear ill-will against Somaliland!

  8. Hassaneyn says:

    But people are still travelling to Garowe for somalia passports

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